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Dogecoin: The crypto to consider

Dogecoin: The crypto to consider


Introduced in 2013, Dogecoin is a standout in the present cryptocurrency circles. Dogecoin’s journey began as a joke in the crypto world but at present is a part of the top 10 trending cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization.


In case you’re considerate in purchasing Dogecoin, let’s look at the key factors that may alter the value of this cryptocurrency. Its easy availability in the market is a plus point which may result in an increase in the demand of the coin and the authenticity of the coin. Despite the complex world, it is in, Dogecoin is fun and attracts a large pool of attention by memes and fun facts. The fact that it has managed to stick around after its release in 2013 proves that it is strong and has the capacity to last longer in the market and, may even rule it in the near future. Dogecoin is utilized to reward other Internet users rapidly and effectively. It’s very normal to see Reddit and Twitter clients “tipping” little measures of DOGE to the writers of entertaining posts. In addition to the fact that this rewards individual for making great content, it helps to make this cryptocurrency famous. In February 2018, Dogecoin featured in TrueBit, one of Ethereum’s ongoing scalability projects. In a test nicknamed the “dogethereum bridge”, Dogecoin was sent to Ethereum’s Rinkeby test and turned into a separate asset on that blockchain. The digital currency has progressed toward becoming something of a symbol in the crypto network and encountered some exceptional highs featured by achieving a market cap of more than US$1 billion in January 2018.


Dogecoin has a solid and energetic network of parochial supporters who basically would prefer not to see the coin kick the bucket. Its prominence for use in web-based social networking tipping and micropayments is a major preferred standpoint, while its boundless accessibility and accentuation on effortlessness make it effectively available to the majority. It offers quick transactions and insignificant expenses, and unmistakably Dogecoin is down to earth money for ordinary use.


Price Analysis


DOGE is now trading at $ 247,028,341USD at cost $0.002094 with a circulating supply of 117,987,469,884. At a weekly scale, it has been exchanging at the rate of 1.96% in green, as indicated by Coinmarketcap. The following chart is from TradingView. The Stochastic RSI of the previous hour demonstrates that the stocks are gradually rising and this will continue for the next few hours. The MACD line indicates a crossover which may result in clear buying signals. This may last for a few days.




Dogecoin holds an exceptional and treasured place in cryptocurrency old stories. It’s fun and appealing to a majority of the population. In any case, there are some genuine question marks around regardless of whether it can keep up with the high competition in the market.


In case you’re considering to purchase DOGE, ensure you cautiously consider the components that could drive its incentive up or down before buying it.





source By : Shrabana Manna



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