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Dogecoin Long-Term Price Analysis 2019: Eyeing the climb back to $0.01

Dogecoin Long-Term Price Analysis 2019: Eyeing the climb back to $0.01


Though many people see Dogecoin as the joke coin of the crypto world, its price action is very real. It has just reached a new bottom since the bull run for 2017, but what will it take to climb back out? This is the 2019 price analysis for Dogecoin.


Price Analysis Highlights:


- The Doge4Amazon campaign is still going strong.

- Recently hit a new low of $0.00184.

- Coin has seen regular pumps to similar levels since the 2017/18 crash.

- Need to break above $0.007 to push to psychological $0.01, though there are a few levels in the way.



Dogecoin has historically acted a bit differently than many coins in the last year. It has had a few well defined "pumps," often to about the same level, which is about $0.007, as we can see here on the daily timeframe. It is also easy to see that we face some historical resistance on our way to this level at both $0.003 and $0.004.




It isn't clear why $0.007 has been such a strong level for DOGE, but above this there isn't nearly as much resistance, as the coin hasn't spent much time at these levels. Zooming out it is a bit easier to see that we can expect notable resistance at $0.01, not only because we saw some push back on the way up in 2017, but also because it is a strong psychological level.




Final Dogegoin Price Analysis 2019:


Though the coin will need perhaps a bit of a catalyst as well as a strong general crypto market, when it does rise it usually rises fast. If Dogecoin can see the price get above $0.007, then the road will be fairly clear onto $0.01. Will it happen in 2019? Stick with Chepicap to find out!





source : By DAVID BORMAN



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